InDesign CS6 8.0.1 Update: Good News for ePub and Interactive PDF

InDesign Update logoAdobe released InDesign CS6 8.01 update today, with a long list of bug fixes. Included in this release are a number of fixes that affect PDF and ePub export.  For Interactive PDFs, a nasty bug that sometimes caused buttons on master pages to not work has been fixed. And for ePubs, some of the code produced by InDesign export is cleaned up, so there’s a bit less work to do after. The ePub fixes include:  Continue reading

Free DPS SE for Creative Cloud Members!

Image of unlimited apps iconsThis may be a significant game-changer: Adobe announced today that Creative Cloud membership will include the ability to publish an unlimited number of single-issue apps, using DPS Single Edition, reducing the previous price tag of $395 per app down to, well, zero. Unless you count the Creative Cloud membership fee, of course. But still, this is a smart move by Adobe. It’s good for DPS, it’s good for the Creative Cloud, and it’s good for users, too. Let the app-publishing fun begin! Continue reading

New DPS Tools Streamline Publishing Process

On September 17, Adobe released DPS Tools v23 update which, among other things, greatly streamlines the publishing process for Single Edition users. The release includes a host of new features, including a newly designed Folio Builder Panel, and improvements to the Viewer Builder app, which has been rebranded as the DPS App Builder.Image of DPS app builder opening screen

What’s most significant about this release, though, is that Single Edition users can now build an application by going from the Folio Builder panel directly to the DPS App Builder, without having to first publish to the Folio Producer.  Continue reading

ePub Mythbusters

ePUB_logo imageGood ePUBSecrets post: Two industry experts discuss device compatibility (or should we say, incompatibility) and the uneven device support of ePub 3.0 standards. Device manufacturers are an unruly bunch it seems, and it’s hard, but important, to keep up with which devices do what, which don’t, which won’t. Summary includes link to the original webinar presentation.