Adobe Inspire goes from InDesign to iPad

Adobe Inspire is a bi-monthly magazine which helps readers be inspired to use Adobe software in creative ways. It is available as a web page as well as an iPad app. The magazine is free and you can subscribe to the web version to get notifications when the new issue is posted.

The October 2012 issue is of particular interest to InDesign users creating DPS apps. It’s an article about how the magazine converts their InDesign pages into DPS for the iPad version. Continue reading

Hacking into a DPS file

I’m not too sure of the usefulness of the following, but Branislav Millic, an InDesign guru based in Belgium, recently sent out the following information. He discovered this technique trying to find the protection of data in a DPS file:

In your iTunes folder, go to the “Mobile Applications” folder and select an .ipa that is, for instance, a DPS project.

Make a copy on the Desktop.

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Art Space Tokyo from Print to Digital: One Publisher’s Story

Digital Art Tokyo on devicesOne of the most common questions we hear from publishers is: how do I get my book(s) on to the iPad and Kindle? That is, after all, the question of the day, and one reason we wrote our book for InDesign users. Taken from another perspective, here is the story of one publisher’s experience. Craig Mod, writer, story-teller, and bi-coastal California/Japan resident has written an insightful essay on publishing Art Space Tokyo for digital consumption. The bonus sidebar includes an InDesign how-to from ePub Meister Ron Bilodeau.

Woodwing opens up their DPS tools to anyone using InDesign

Woodwing was one of the earliest third-party companies to offer a DPS solution from InDesign. However, it required the user to be using Woodwing’s expensive plug-ins for file management.

Now, Tim Cole, Woodwing’s new evangelist for their products, has announced a beta test of a new product, SmartDPS, for creating DPS applications. Here’s what Tim has had to say: (Check out the paragraph in bold/italic. It explains some features in SmartDPS that InDesign doesn’t do). Continue reading

Importing a list of items for list boxes and combo boxes

How to import items for list boxes and combo boxes

At the most recent NY InDesign User Group meeting, an exciting event occured.

Fresh from writing about forms in our book, I demonstrated the long-requested PDF form tools for InDesign.

I showed how easy it is to add form fields such as radio buttons, text fields, and combo boxes. But I had to mention that you can’t import a list of items into a list or combo box. The user has to manually type each entry. Continue reading

Next Issue: A new magazine subscription service for iPad and tablets

I started subscribing to magazine such as Vanity Fair and Wired on my iPad over a year ago. But the cost was pricey and it was hard to remember to update each issue.

Recently a new service, Next Issue, has come out for iPads and Android 3 tablets.

Called the “Netflix for magazines,” Next Issue is a partnership among Condé Nast, Hearst, Time Inc., Meredith, and News Corporation. Right now there are 120 monthly and weekly magazines available.

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Acrobat XI Released with Good News for Reader Users

Acrobat XI has been released and with it a new version of Adobe Reader.

There are quite a few exciting new features in Acrobat XI Pro such as easier editing and converting PDF files to PowerPoint.

But the big news for PDF creators is that the new Adobe Reader application allows someone to save form data and comments without the document first being set for “Enable Reader Rights.” Continue reading