Dreamweaver as ePub Editor


We recently got the following email from Jim Maivald. Jim is one of the foremost experts on XML and web design. As you can see Jim is on a mission to get more people to use Dreamweaver as an ePub editing program.

Hi. I was just perusing your “Digital Publishing” book and ran across the suggestion of using Dreamweaver as an EPUB editor, p 207. First, I like the book. I hope you get tons of sales.

Second, I love DW as an EPUB editor. I use it all the time. I am a huge advocate to get DW to be Adobe’s official EPUB editor. It offers tons of productivity enhancements that your readers should know about. Continue reading

Animations in a PDF!

animation2InDesign’s animation features are fun and easy to use. But they’re one of a couple of InDesign’s interactive features that don’t export directly to PDF (Object States is another). However, if you’re creating a PDF that will primarily be viewed on computer screens and not on tablet devices, you can use this workaround that lets you include simple animations in your PDF files.

We mention this workaround on page 250 of our book, but we’ll expand on it here with more detail. Continue reading

DPS Bug Fixes

bugAs DPS evolves and more DPS apps are developed, it becomes important with each new release to keep up with the latest version of the software. These update include new features as well as bug fixes and “hot fixes” which include fixes for bugs introduced by the new release. So it is the case with the recently released DPS Tools v25.

For example, those using iOS 6.1 may have hit a nasty bug which caused DPS apps to crash if there was no internet connection. A “hot fix” on the DPS server side (no need to download new DPS tools on the user side) corrected this.  Continue reading