H or V? Who’s doing what

orientationOne of the first decisions to make when creating a DPS app is whether to make the orientation horizontal, vertical, or both.

Some publishers find a dual orientation to be too much work, and opt for a single view. Vertical orientation is often closer to the print version of a publication, and can require less reworking, but a horizontal orientation can give more of the feel of spreads, especially for photography.

Our colleague Keith Gilbert, DPS expert and scripter extraordinaire, recently assembled a list of several DPS publications and their orientations. It’s not intended to be a scientific study, but a just quick snapshot of what decisions various publications have made regarding orientation. We thought we’d share the results with you.


2 thoughts on “H or V? Who’s doing what

  1. Keith’s list is very thought provoking.
    I subscribe to NextIssue and have a seen more:

    New York Magazine
    Ladies Home Journal

    Dual Orientation
    Entertainment weekly
    Sports Illustrated

    I barely have patience to read the vertical-only orientations. They are simply the printed material thrown up (as in regurgitated) into an app. And you need to scroll all around the page zooming in and out to read the articles.

    The Dual Orientation is exceptional. I find myself reading landscape more than portrait as it is easier to hold.

    Time and People (and maybe others) have special features that take advantage of the app interactive formats. This includes movies, buttons to prompt slide shows, and scrolls within frames.

    I read those avidly.

  2. Here an addition from Germany: AutoBild ans SportBild (both from Axel Springer Publishing Group) have both orientations.

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