Going from InDesign files to fixed layout ePub3 via Flipick

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Creating Fixed Layout ePub3 book from InDesign is not a simple process. Yet the Fixed Layout format is precisely what many companies need when they ask for something that

  • can be read on tablet devices
  • maintains the original layout with tables, charts, and side-by-side text
  • can have interactive features

There are some resources for learning how to create Fixed Layout ePub3 books directly from InDesign. The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) has created A Field Guild to Fixed Layout for E-Books a free PDF that can be downloaded from their web site. The PDF is updated as the requirements and process changes. Anne-Marie Concepçion has some titles on Lynda.com. Finally, from New Zealand, Rorohiko is currently beta testing ePubCrawler, a InDesign to Fixed Layout EPUB converter. It is donation-ware, while in development.

Using Flipick

But all these solutions require quite a bit of work from InDesign. Now, Flipick has made it even easier to create Fixed Layout ePub3 as well as other formats directly from InDesign.

flipick banner

Previously, Flipick had a self service model to convert InDesign to Fixed Layout ePub3. Now, Flipick will provide these conversions as a paid service.

For book conversions you simply need to send Flipick the packaged InDesign files. The Flipick production department will then do the work of converting the file to a Fixed Layout ePub3. Flipick will perform QA checks and make sure everything is converted correctly and return back a URL where you will be able to view your eBook using Flipicks on-line web viewer.

Once you are happy with the conversion, you can purchase the eBook file, download and publish or distribute through your usual channels.

Flipick can also add interactive elements to engage the reader even further.

Ordinarily I am a stickler for doing all the production yourself from InDesign. But in the case of Fixed Layout ePub3, I think of Flipick as a “print shop” than helps me convert my native ID files into a new publication. Just as a print shop does for paper books.

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