H or V? Who’s doing what

orientationOne of the first decisions to make when creating a DPS app is whether to make the orientation horizontal, vertical, or both.

Some publishers find a dual orientation to be too much work, and opt for a single view. Vertical orientation is often closer to the print version of a publication, and can require less reworking, but a horizontal orientation can give more of the feel of spreads, especially for photography. Continue reading

Adobe Inspire goes from InDesign to iPad

Adobe Inspire is a bi-monthly magazine which helps readers be inspired to use Adobe software in creative ways. It is available as a web page as well as an iPad app. The magazine is free and you can subscribe to the web version to get notifications when the new issue is posted.

The October 2012 issue is of particular interest to InDesign users creating DPS apps. It’s an article about how the magazine converts their InDesign pages into DPS for the iPad version. Continue reading