What’s my (DPS) viewer version number?

Here’s a little tip from our book. Since the release of DPS tools v21, you can select the version number of the viewer you want your folio to be compatible with. But how do you know the version of the viewer you’re using? The trick is the same for publications you’ve downloaded, or in the generic Adobe Content Viewer on your tablet: Open a publication. Tap once to display the navigation controls, then double-tap at the top on the publication name. The viewer version number will be displayed. view_version

Adobe Inspire goes from InDesign to iPad

Adobe Inspire is a bi-monthly magazine which helps readers be inspired to use Adobe software in creative ways. It is available as a web page as well as an iPad app. The magazine is free and you can subscribe to the web version to get notifications when the new issue is posted.

The October 2012 issue is of particular interest to InDesign users creating DPS apps. It’s an article about how the magazine converts their InDesign pages into DPS for the iPad version. Continue reading