InDesign CC is Released: New ePub Features

ID-CC-logoToday Adobe releases the long-awaited, subscription-only Creative Cloud version of InDesign. The good news for digital publishers is that there are many new features and changes in ePub export. Our colleague, the super-InDesign expert, Steve Werner, has outlined the new features and changes from CS6 in this post. He made invaluable contributions to the ePub chapter in our book, and we’re thrilled to have him as a guest on our blog. Steve also runs CS Magic, a great resource for Creative Suite online training.

We think you’ll find Steve’s take on these features worth reading.

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Dreamweaver as ePub Editor


We recently got the following email from Jim Maivald. Jim is one of the foremost experts on XML and web design. As you can see Jim is on a mission to get more people to use Dreamweaver as an ePub editing program.

Hi. I was just perusing your “Digital Publishing” book and ran across the suggestion of using Dreamweaver as an EPUB editor, p 207. First, I like the book. I hope you get tons of sales.

Second, I love DW as an EPUB editor. I use it all the time. I am a huge advocate to get DW to be Adobe’s official EPUB editor. It offers tons of productivity enhancements that your readers should know about. Continue reading

Woodwing opens up their DPS tools to anyone using InDesign

Woodwing was one of the earliest third-party companies to offer a DPS solution from InDesign. However, it required the user to be using Woodwing’s expensive plug-ins for file management.

Now, Tim Cole, Woodwing’s new evangelist for their products, has announced a beta test of a new product, SmartDPS, for creating DPS applications. Here’s what Tim has had to say: (Check out the paragraph in bold/italic. It explains some features in SmartDPS that InDesign doesn’t do). Continue reading

InDesign CS6 8.0.1 Update: Good News for ePub and Interactive PDF

InDesign Update logoAdobe released InDesign CS6 8.01 update today, with a long list of bug fixes. Included in this release are a number of fixes that affect PDF and ePub export.  For Interactive PDFs, a nasty bug that sometimes caused buttons on master pages to not work has been fixed. And for ePubs, some of the code produced by InDesign export is cleaned up, so there’s a bit less work to do after. The ePub fixes include:  Continue reading